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Listed below are brief descriptions of the offerings and services provided. Please contact me

for additional information and pricing.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is often defined as "a long loving look at the real". It is an ancient practice of listening for and tending to the Holy as it reveals itself to each of us. It is not advice giving or therapy but a safe place to explore one's journey with the Divine. The focus tends to be but is not limited to our inner life and our Divine/human connectedness.

Those drawn to spiritual direction are often seeking a closer relationship with the Divine, God, Love, a Higher Power. The reasons for coming to spiritual direction are as numerous and varied as those who seek it.  

Each individual spiritual direction session is an hour and may begin with a few moments of silence, prayer or guided meditation.  Our time together is an invitation to intentionally become more keenly aware of God's active presence in our lives.

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Ignation Retreat Guide

An Ignatian retreat is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. These retreats are customized in length to the individual or group making them but typically involve a commitment of 12 weeks for a small group to 9 months for an individual. 

The rhythm of the lgnatian Retreat involves weekly meetings with a retreat guide and daily prayer periods of meditation and journaling on scripture. The real director of an lgnatian Retreat is always the Holy Spirit.

Retreats for individuals and small groups begin in September. Shorter, customized retreats are available throughout the year.



As a Heart Rhythm Meditation [HRM] mentor, teacher and coach, I use the tools and skills learned in my training to bring meditation to individuals and groups.

HRM uses the coordination of the conscious breath and the heartbeat to bring the body into coherence.  A coherent state, or the the coordination of the body's respiratory, circulation and nervous systems, is integrative, healing, and energizing. It restores the heart to its natural condition which is optimistic, creative, compassionate and generous.

Energizing the heart is the objective of HRM. Living from the heart is the goal.  HRM offers methods and practices to achieve both.

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Sacred Listening Circles

Sacred Listening Circles promote the wellbeing and wholeness of the group. These groups are ideal for those already navigating their inner landscape and desiring a deeper relationship with self and Source.   


Themes will vary with the reason and season that draws each small group together. Exploration of the mystics from various traditions, group spiritual direction and Heart Rhythm Meditation will be woven into these groups. The movement of the Divine is always the influencer and healer within these circles. 

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