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I AM the way ... Hope comes into the world

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

March 24, April 7, April 21, May 5. Time: 6:30-8:00pm EST. All sessions online

These last few weeks have been disorienting for many of us, myself included. Deep, heavy sighs from within try their hardest to expand my interior space in order to admit current world events and a rising sense of fear and helplessness. How does one welcome that which is grievous and difficult to digest? The best answer I can discern is that we need practices to keep us grounded and present to what is and we need others - a community - a coming together of those willing to listen for and lean into that which is most life-giving and hope-filled in the midst of what often feels fractured and chaotic.

What is your story of hope?

Join me in exploring the multiple facets of hope including: personal hope; enduring hope; and mystical hope. Each session will include a time of welcome; discussion; heart centered guided meditation; breakout groups; and sharing. Contact me for more details or to register.

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